has skilled staff to undertake large projects successfully. Where the clients’ needs dictate, we augment our resources with specific skills from our sister companies, as well as from our strategic business partners.

The power of Information Technology is the delivery of elegant solutions to complex business challenges. Among the many successful projects that has demonstrated our output on “Systems, Solutions and Services” are:

Consumables and Parts

We have a department that supplies consumables and parts for various products.

I.T Consultancy and Training.

Infrastructure Solutions

  1. Desktop and Laptop solutions
  2. Business Server solutions
  3. Printing solutions
  4. Storage solutions
  5. Messaging solutions
  6. Office productivity solutions
  7. Network solutions

Business Application solutions

  1. Financial and Accounting Applications
  2. Management Information Systems
  3. Printing solutions
  4. Document Management and Workflow applications
  5. Human Resource Applications
  6. Health automation applications
  7. Geographical Information Systems

IT Services

  1. Workshop repairs
  2. Onsite Recovery and Repair
  3. Managed Support services
  4. Systems Integration
  5. IT System Audits