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Warranty, Maintenance, and Support Services.

One of the keys to our success is the Support Services that we provide to our clients, either during or after the warranty period through a Maintenance and Support Services Contract.

At the heart of MTA Computer’s Support Framework are the Support Policies and Procedures that will be implemented for our Clients.’

As part of the offer, we include the implementation of a fully functional support framework. Provision of the support services will be undertaken by MTA Computers with pre-defined configurations and processes.

This approach allows our customers to leverage our extensive experience in this area while gaining assurance that the support services in place will be aligned with our clients Support and Maintenance requirements.

Our Support Services cover every aspect of IT Support including Hardware, Software, Network Security, and others.

We shoulder the day-to-day responsibility of managing any computing environment. We are the single point-of-contact for all our clients’ support services needs during and after the warranty period through Maintenance and Support Contracts.